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At The Convention

The NECA Convention is an exciting mix of opportunities for education, inspiration, networking, and fun! Our schedule is filled to bursting with rewarding activities, so check out our schedule early: you’ll need plenty of time to decide which ones to pick.

City of Las Vegas, NV


Las Vegas - Bright Lights & Big Ideas Learn More »


NECA 2012 Las Vegas offers a wide range of educational opportunities. The Educational Programs are arranged by three tracks — Pre-Convention Workshops, Management Seminars, and Technical WorkshopsMore information"


  • WELCOME TO NECA 2012 Las Vegas

    NECA 2012 Las Vegas is the premier electrical construction event – the only event that brings together leaders from the entire industry. NECA 2012 Las Vegas will help you find the right place for the right opportunities, with insight from construction business experts, manufacturers and innovators. Take control of your future today! Join us for NECA 2012 Las Vegas!

    Beth Ellis

    Executive Director, Convention–Exhibition